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Inversancarlos S.A. is an Ecuadorian Corporation comprised of leading companies in their industry sectors such as paper and cardboard, paper, cardboard, and electronic recycling, ethyl, anhydrous, and raw alcohol, among others.

These companies are major generators of employment, direct and indirect.

It has approximately 800 shareholders and its Board is chaired by Mr. Mariano González Portes.

  • Mr. Oscar Orrantia Vernaza – Principal Director, Mr. Carlos Andrade González – Alternate Director, Mrs. Verónica Reyes de Fernández – Principal Director, Mr. Mariano V. González Portés – Chairman, Mr. Xavier E. Marcos Stagg – CEO of Gestorquil S.A., Mr. José Altgelt Kruger – Alternate Director, Mr. Juan González Portés – Principal Director

    Mr. Mariano González Portés

    Mr. Juan González Portés

    Mr. Xavier E. Marcos

    Mrs. Verónica Reyes de Fernández

    Mr. Oscar Orrantia Vernaza

    Mr. Carlos Andrade González

    Mr. José Altgelt Kruger

    Mr. Pedro Isaías Bucaram

    Mr. Marcelo Torres Bejarano

Our Portfolio of companies


Papelera Nacional S.A.

It was legally established on February 28, 1961 and had W.R. Grace INC., International Paper CO., Sociedad Agrícola e Industrial San Carlos S.A. and the Noboa Organization as founding partners. Operations began in 1968, with a production of 10,000 metric tons of kraft paper per year and the and the establishment of a sugar cane bagasse pulp plant, to take advantage of the raw materials generated by Ingenio San Carlos, and use them in the manufacture of paper. Over the years, several expansions took place that increased the installed capacity of the factory; new equipment was acquired, as well as technology which was incorporated in the fiber control and preparation process. Currently, production reaches 165,000 metric tons of kraft paper per year, with an installed capacity to produce over 100 million boxes of corrugated cardboard to export bananas, agricultural products, flowers, shrimp, fish and general industry products.

Cartonera Nacional S.A. Colombia

Cartonera Nacional S.A. is born as a vertical integration initiative for the testliner and corrugated medium production business for a company of Grupo Inversancarlos: Papelera Nacional S.A. (www.papeleranacional.com) which has been supplying paper to the corrugated carboard industry in Ecuador and several countries in the Andean region since 1968.In order to establish the Cartonera Nacional production plant, a lot was acquired within an industrial zone called Conjunto Industrial Parque Sur, located in Villa Rica, Cauca. Construction began on March of 2003 and the first boxes were produced on October of the same year. Thanks to the quality of its paper, Cartonera Nacional positioned itself with clients that required stronger packaging, such as boxes to export products. Today, Cartonera Nacional S.A. is a client-oriented company with an excellent reputation in terms of quality and service.


Soderal Sociedad de Destilación de Alcoholes S.A.

Faithful to its culture of growth and horizontal integration, Sociedad Agrícola e Industrial San Carlos S.A., one of the largest sugar mills in Ecuador, founded Soderal Sociedad de Destilación de Alcoholes S.A. in 1993.
Soderal, ever since its inception, has used a modern technological process, maintaining the highest quality standards, which is reflected in each of its products. Soderal produces the best Extra Neutral Ethyl Alcohol of 96 ° G.L. from sugarcane syrup and molasses supplied by San Carlos Sugar Mill. In an effort to diversify its activities, in January of 2000 it began producing 99.7 ° G.L. anhydrous ethanol using the innovative molecular filter system.
The efforts put into staying true to its quality policies gave fruit August 2001 when Soderal obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the production and sales of Extra Neutral Alcohol and Anhydrous Ethanol.
In July 2010 Soderal achieved the ISO Integrated management system triple certification, fulfilling the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000:2004 and OHSA 18001:2007 standards. Soderal also obtained the ISO 22.000:2005 certification for the production of organic alcohol.
In 2016 Soderal began operations in its new 99.7° G.L. Anhydrous Ethanol plant, with an installed capacity to produce 210,000 liters a day for the national biofuels project.


Intercia S.A., Resinesa S.A, Exporecicla S.A.

We are leaders in the Ecuadorean recycling industry, dedicated to the recovery and separation of inorganic waste for its reinsertion as raw material for national and international production. We are part of the Inversancarlos group, which has Papelera Nacional among its companies, which consumes all the cardboard Intercia S.A. recycles nationwide.
Our vision is to recycle all kinds of inorganic materials to allow us to expand our business, while ensuring a timely and permanent supply of quality raw materials to our national and international customers.
We are dedicated to the collection of all kinds of inorganic recyclable materials (cardboard, paper, plastics, metals, ferrous scrap, electronic scrap, etc.), in order to supply quality raw materials to the national and international industry, thus contributing to the improvement and protection of the environment on an ongoing basis, generating a source of secure employment for our workers, developing external sources of employment, and looking to generate an adequate profit margin for our shareholders.



GRC is a Panama-based company dedicated to handling shipping logistics and the distribution of recycled raw materials.

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